Rare Photo Captured: A Dense Concentration of Energy Enters into the Sensanga Galaxy then Suddenly Vanishes; Scientist call it a Flash Blackhole

While investigating a nearby galaxy, Earth satalites captured this rare photo of a solar event in a nearby galaxy.  [INSERT SPACE COMPANY HERE] using cameras aided by Apple Inc. was able to record a photo moments before the concentration of energy vanished. 

"These solar events are actually quite common,"says [INSERT SCIENTIST NAME HERE], a scientist at [INSERT SPACE COMPANY HERE]; "However, it is rare that we actually have the opportunity to record such events."

[INSERT RESEARCHER GROUP NAME HERE], a team of researchers working with [INSERT SPACE COMPANY HERE] reviewed the data on the [INSERT ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUIPMENT TITLE HERE], an advanced piece of data research equipment created and operated by [INSERT DATA ANALYST SPECIALIST AND EQUIPMENT OPERATOR NAME HERE], and discovered that the concentration of energy appeared to have been in stais for perhaps millions of years, traveled down what appeared to be a set path, and then, only recently, became part of an explosion of energy. 

"It appears that such an explosion has occured once before, and this concentration of matter is actually from another distant galaxy. Some time in the past, there was an explosion and a release of energy. The concentration of energy appears to have come from asteroid. What's so strange is that after the exposion, only half of the asteroid was present, then, after a number of years the astroid exploded again. What we are looking at appears to be a photo of an energy concentration around an asteroid fragment post explosion. The image capturing on the Hubble Space Telescope and some other technologies wern't able to be read by the [ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUIPMENT TITLE] to pin point exactly what caused such a burst. All we know is that the bust of energy was so powerful that it was able to send asteroid fragments to a very young area of our galaxy. It's almost as if the asteroid was waiting for some of the space dust in our nearby galaxy to form before exploding again. We can't rule out some sort of inteligence. The strange thing is that after the explosion of energy, our sensors show the asteroid fragment and the dust particles were just gone. The readings on the [ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUIPMENT] showed something like a black hole, but it's as if a black hole appeared, then disappeared taking part of the matter in the nearby galaxy with it, but at least we got a close up photo of the event." [INSERT HEAD RESEARCHER TITLE HERE]



"This is a picture of the burst of energy near a black hole that isn't visible by the photo. What makes this black hole different is that it appeared and then disapeared. Black holes typically stay in one spot. The reason why we are calling it a Flash Blackhole is that there is all the evidence of a black hole being there, except its simply gone along with matter in that region of the galaxy. There was a burst of energy and then the matter in that region of the galaxy simply wasn't there anymore, it's gone. The photo is of that burst of energy. It's as if that region of space simply vanished," says [INSERT NAME OF ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUIPMENT CREATOR AND OPERATOR HERE]. 

[INSERT NAME OF JOURNALIST AT LIONSWERTH ACADEMY LLC HERE], studying Journalism at Lionswerth Academy, asked [INSERT NAME OF ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUPMENT CREATOR AND OPERATOR HERE] for more information on this mysterious and exciting event.

[INSERT NAME OF ADVANCED DATA RESEARCH EQUIPMENT CREATOR AND OPERATOR HERE] continues, "As a systems analyst for Nucleur Fuel Services, I know that once a file is deleted it isn't truly gone. There are ways of recovering data. If you put something in the recycle bin and click 'empy recycle bin' the files aren't truly gone. Like a book, moving to the recycling bin and clicking 'empty recycle bin' doesn't actually erase the data from the page, all that does is remove that data from the table of contents. If you know what you're doing on any system, data that was erased can be recovered; although the process sometimes can be a little difficult, to say the least. When giving a command to erase data, the data to be erased must be given a title or unique identifier that the data eraser can recognize. Unless that data eraser knows what it's erasing, it cannot erase it. That's one way of many ways these types of advanced systems function."

[INSERT NAME OF JOURNALIST AT LIONSWERTH ACADEMY LLC HERE] speculates that if whatever was in that region of the galaxy is gone, or seemingly deleted, that the data about whatever mattered there may be stored or located somewhere or could have simply moved somewhere else, whereever that may be. 

[INSERT NAME OF SPECIALIST ON THE MATTER HERE], a specialist on the matter, says that any destroyer must first know everything about the thing to be destroyed to truly destroy that thing. Arguebly, in essence, they become that thing they are going to destroy and then must activate a self-destruct sequence within themselves once who they are is gone, and that self-destruct sequence is all that remains. That aspect of what isn't being destroyed goes somewhere else, wherever that may be is, and what is being destroyed self destructst. Then what is to continue is born again. The problem is when the destroyer falls in love with the thing to be destroyed and marries it, becomes both embodied into one thing and enteres into a self preservation paradox where there is absence of knowledge of the self and starts iniating self destruct sequences. To destroy evil, once must become evil then destroy themselves and be born again good. To destroy good, once must become good then destroy themselves and be born again evil. When the self destruct sequence occurs mid process the result is a corroupt body of gray, a mixture of both good and evil that attempts to harmonize in a state of balance of both good and evil to reach a pure center, which is essentially journaling through pandoras box and always being at the beginning and end and middle of creation and destruction sequence until some choice or pattern is set and followed consitentally. If we have the neuralizer from Men in Black, the neuralizer would have to have knowledge of the memories prior to those memories being erased. It's easier to simply locate where the data is stored and create a new data storage section, put something in it, and then direct the data accessor to that data storage section rather than overwrite the previous. The problem would be that if something occured to trigger the accessor to goto the origional data store rather than the new data store those memories could be accessed again, so a way to stop that is to link that data store route with the pain centers and the new data store routes with pleasure centers. That way memories are saved and can be accessed via bypassing or enduring pain, but the new data store areas become primary. The vurnability is that if the old memories are accesed the legitimacy of the newly implated memories is brought into question. This action is basically eating and making babies. Perhaps that's all the galaxies in the universe are doing with eachother. There seems to be evidence of that and religion documents it. Perhaps there is a good reason as to why. We have no idea how Anestesia works, but there could very well be some type of anestetic at play here while doctoring is being done, or perhaps a pattern of behavior we are working on that requires some level of sleep to escape. Perhaps everything is working out as it should, only time will tell. Until then, this is an amazing photo rendering of energy being moved around in the universe." 


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